The "New Normal"...we heard this a lot.  We would bump into people at the hospital that would talk about finding our new normal.  I didn't quite understand that meaning until I found myself knee deep in "Not Normal".  

It seemed like everything we did had to be modified.  Life in a bubble was what it felt like at first...until I noticed that we didn't have to go crazy overboard to live our lives and still keep him healthly and safe.

I found myself writing post it notes and leaving them everywehre while I got the hang of things.  Here is a list I've compiled of "adjustments" we have made and things we do on the daily, weekly and monthly around the house to make life....livable.

House we know it after Cancer.



I had a cabinet full of products  to clean my kitchen.  And I whittled everything down to a few things that I knew would be safe but also help keep my kitchen germ free! Here's my list of must have's to clean your home.