Recommended Protein Powders, Seeds and Coconut Oil and Milks


Food Supplementation

Throughout the battle, we have come across times when Joe's appetite was good and he was able to eat almost anything (when he wasn't neutropenic). But most of the time, we were traversing through mouth sores and severe mucositis (one of the many side effects of chemo), alteration of taste buds, pain, lethargy, depression and several other factors...all of which create issues in getting the right nutrition.

I'm not a fan of sugar, especially for cancer patients.  So trying to get him to eat and have it taste good was a struggle.  I tried my hand at making treats from scratch by going gluten free, sugar free but essentially I was just making things that were taste free. 

After much research, I came to understand the need for high levels of protein.  Here is a great article on the subject.  After standing in front of the protein powder isles of places that sell all that is good and organic, I found that most powders are made with LOADS added of sugar!!!

Now, I do understand that there are circumstances that call for weight gain posthaste and when that happens, by all means, whatever it takes to get the patient to eat and enjoy it.  But I was looking for a great protein powder that could make a great meal supplement that would stay in the boundaries of little to no added sugar.

These are some we have tried and recommend.  **When Joe is not neutropenic, we add tons of fresh fruits and vegetables (very well washed and only organic).  I prefer to add either coconut milk or flax seed milk instead of water. 

I'm also a huge fan of Chia, Flax and Hemp Seeds in every smoothie I make him.  To see recipes and what tools I use to make smoothies and juices with, CLICK HERE.

Something else I add to supplement a shake or smoothie is Coconut Oil (organic).  Though there is no studies that show the positive effects of Coconut Oil and Leukemia, there are studies that show the correlation of Lauric Acid (Coconut Oil) and the hampering of tumor growth with certain cancers.  Here is a study that has more information on that.

We made sure to talk to our doctors and pharmacists before using any of these vitamins and supplements.  We noticed that the chemotherapy Joe was given was depleting him from many of the vitamins and minerals the body needs to function.  And there were times when he couldn't eat enough to consume the daily recommended levels.  Joe is on and off Neutropenic and therefore cannot consume raw fruits and vegetables to sustain him.  We feel that these help tremendously.

Vitamins and Supplements

Every cancer is different.  And every doctor has a different belief of what is safe and what can be contraindicative of your specific treatment.  

This is a products list of the vitamins and supplements I have had Joe on throughout his treatments and some that we are currently using.

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