we know it after Cancer.



Welcome to our we now know it.  Cancer is now the 2nd leading cause of death in the United States *per Cancer Facts & Figures 2018.  We hear it on the news, on commercials, in movies and within the celebrity culture, but until it touches our lives directly, it never really sinks in.

Daily life consumes most people.  Work, laundry, kids schedules, social media, vacations, debt, oil becomes mundane, some even say "boring". 

I didn't think of our life as boring, just beautifully scheduled with a nice flow day in and day out.  I even uttered the words "life is so perfect right now".  

And until you hear the words "You have cancer" just isn't something that can be understood by most.

This site is created with the intention of bringing information to those seeking it.  Whether it's what mask to buy, or does Reiki work, or how do I uproot my life for treatment.  This site is meant to help both patients and caregivers alike.  

This site is not meant to treat your cancer, just to share what we have learned.  This site is not meant to tell you what path to take in your treatment or what hospital to go to, or whether or not to proceed with radiation, chemo or a holistic approach...this site is meant to give information on all topics and help those looking for more information to find as much as they can.  Making your own choices on your treatment is paramount.  

It is so important that regardless of what you may see or read on this site, that you always maintain open communication with your caregiver, your patient, and your doctors.